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Lead SEO Marketing Service ’s specialist knowledge of a huge range of search engines and Web directories ensures that your site’s registration with each and every one is completed efficiently and effectively, optimizing your web sites, chance of a highly ranked listing in search results.

To achieve this, Lead SEO uses a combination of META tags (Keywords and descriptions), Web site titles and the manipulation of each search engine and Web directory according to their own specific submission criteria. The result of having your Web site listed on a wide range of search engines and Web directories is the likelihood of an increase in its Web traffic, thereby increasing the potential for business.

It must be stressed that because the Internet has no governing body, there is no standard procedure for search engine registrations; every search engine has its own set of rules, regulations, guidelines and submission criteria. Consequently, while the utmost care is taken and expertise is applied to achieve positive results. Niftysoft Solution will submit to you a report documenting every step that was undertaken on your behalf of your web site. It will include a list of the relevant search engines and Web directories at which your address was registered and the details that were submitted. The report will enable you to monitor your site’s ranking. Which can be done Online?

Research says that about 80% of the new Web site visits are done through search engine results. Certain sites always get top rankings while the rests are unheard. Getting a top rank on the search engine requires a scientific approach and a well defined process of manually submitting the Web site to the search engine. Definitely it takes a couple of months before the results are shown on the searches for the keywords.

provides the ways to effectively and efficiently place the customers' sites at top rankings.

Lead SEO 's search engine services include:
• Identify strategic options and help assess an organization against a background of Internet initiatives and make the integration between business and Internet strategies.
• Help articulate a clear value proposition and aid in long-range planning.

Lead SEO Marketing Services is a Search Engine Optimization Company that has been generating traffic by website optimization and promotion for over four years now. It is an SEO expert who knows the tactics of search engine placement, and yet follows strictly its no-Spam policy.

At Lead SEO Marketing Services, we believe that good search engine positioning is not just search engine marketing but is dependent on various inter-related factors like link popularity, stickiness of the site, website design and content, search engine submissions and ethical website promotion over the Internet.

Web site submission in related directories is a search engine optimization process to increase link popularity. Directory submissions are done manually to make sure that the web site is submitted in the most appropriate category of directory.

Link Exchange: One of the criteria that search engines use to determine a website’s popularity is its incoming and outgoing links. It will be free of cost we can exchange of links between individual sites. So that we can generate more traffic and page rank will be increased. It is also named as Reciprocal linking.

Guaranteed Top Ten Listing Placement: Want your site to be listed as # 1? No Problem! The dark days of being buried under thousands of other links is over. At our company, Lead SEO, you are in total control of where your web site appears.

The ultimate success of your organization’s web site strategy is dependent on the comprehensive marketing and promotional tactics. The overall objective of a Web site marketing campaign is to generate public awareness of your site’s existence, bring traffic to it and convert that traffic into income for your business.

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